Friday, February 10, 2017

I is for Island.

There are two islands talked about behind the Mirror, but we're going to talk about my favorite one. The fairies island. Unicorns are the fierce protectors of the fairies and their island and very few people know how to get past them to see the fairies (if you're trying to get past the unicorns, get a dwarf on your side. It's rumored they know the secret.) Surrounding the island is a lake covered with white lilies that are known to make the most unattractive woman (by social standards. Because aren't all women beautiful queens in their own way?) to be stunningly beautiful. One known person to have gained her beauty from a fairy lily is the Princess of Austry, Amalie.

The fairy island doesn't know death. It's always alive and beautiful - like its residents. Willows line the shore and dark nets pun from the fairies moth's make tents for the fairies to sleep in. It is rumored by mortals that the Fairy Island is actually the realm of the dead. The only mortal to ever leave the Fairy Island with his life and without permission is Jacob Reckless.  

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