Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Day 8. G is for Goyl. RECKLESS: the Petrified Flesh.

G is for Goyl

The Goyl are a humanoid race made of stone. Will describes them as angry, calm, and strong. "..darkness. And heat." The Goyl have lived underground in intricate cave cities for centuries, and their palace is underground in the form of a giant stalactite (which I would LOVE to see with my own eyes. Sadly, not many humans get to see it and live.) 

All of my favorites are Goyl (except the Dark Fairy), and I would love nothing more than to sit down and have an interview with a Goyl. To learn their history and see things through golden eyes. I also, would ask completely random questions that don't mean anything to anyone like - So, the Goyl place the heads of their heroes in the walls and leave their bodies to become part of the earth, but what do you do with the dead who AREN'T heroes? Do you just leave them in the streets underground? Do you bury them? Do you freakin' DISPLAY them? Also, do Goyl get engravings like humans get tattoos? If not, they should. I think the Goyl are probably very artistic people. I mean they're surrounded by so many colors and beautiful things, so I bet they're very creative. Also, stone animals...are they a thing? *sigh* Like I said, none of this is important, but they're the things that keep me awake at 5 AM.

A few colors of Goyl skin are: Carnelian (the color of the king), Jasper (for those of you who know my love for Hentzau, the King's right-hand man, probably know that he is brown Jasper), Malachite, Moonstone, Garnet, and Onyx (the color of the former ruling class of the Goyl.) I don't know if there are Alexandrite Goyl, but I would seriously want to be an Alexandrite she-Goyl. Honestly, I'd be happy to be ANY Goyl because they're just kind of badass.

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