Friday, September 13, 2013

Interview with Spaceships Around Saturn's bodyguard Tank Rodriguez (from American Girl On Saturn)

Spaceships Around Saturn's head bodyguard Tank Rodriguez joins us today! :)

Hi! What is it like being the bodyguard for a super famous boyband?

It's cool. It's like just hanging out with the guys all the time. The girls are crazy, though. And loud.

You're not much older than the SAS boys themselves, are you? What made you decide to get into the business of being a bodyguard?

Not much. I'm only 24. I worked security in a night club in college, and then I got offered a bodyguard position for a rap star - who shall remain nameless - but that lifestyle was a bit much. A boyband seemed safer. HA! Joke's on me, right?

I know you're probably not allowed to answer this question, but which of the SAS boys is your favorite?

Ah, c'mon now. I can't answer that. They're my boys! But uh, if anyone's curious, Benji and I hit the clubs and tattoo parlors together a lot.

Do you ever rock out to their music?
Only during live shows, rehearsals, and when they feel the need to burst into song at random times/places. I tend to listen to more rap/hiphop.

How does being a bodyguard affect your personal life?

I don't have a lot of free time. When the guys are touring or doing promo events, I'm right there, tagging along. But it's cool. Like I said, it's like hanging with the guys all the time, and there are tons of hot girls. It's not a bad life. I wouldn't get to see all these places otherwise.

Were you anywhere near the stage when the shooting happened in NYC?

I was offstage, waiting in the wings. The venue's security were actually on the floor, maintaining the crowd. I was just chilling and watching the show then BOOM!
How closely were you watched while the boys were on lockdown?

Man, the government don't play! They guarded all of us (crew) pretty well so we wouldn't talk to the press or leak information, especially since we knew where the guys were. They always made me wear a wire when I saw the guys. We were pretty much on lockdown too. They had us holed up in a fancy hotel. It got pretty boring. I think the guys had more fun than I did!

I'm going to end this with a very random question. It seems like the one question that is in the majority of interviews and things is the one thing I never put in any of my interviews.... What's your favorite color?

Black! It looks good and matches everything!

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hear from sources that we'll be seeing a bit more of you in the world of Saturn! I can't wait! ;)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Interview with Chloe Branson's Ex-friends Paige and Lauren (from American Girl On Saturn)

Today I had the chance to talk to Chloe Branson's Ex-friends Paige and Lauren.

Sooooo.... There's been some rumors that you two treated Chloe very poorly during her time on lockdown with the SAS boys. What do you two have to say for yourselves?

L: I only saw her once. She skipped my party, remember?
P: Well, Chloe wasn't exactly honest with me about some things. How was I supposed to know?

How do you two feel now that Chloe is dating THE Milo Grayson?

L: No comment.
P: What Lauren said. *sigh*

Have you tried getting in touch with Chloe since the lockdown has ended?

L: No, she unfriended me on Facebook and blocked me. We weren't that great of friends anyway.
P: I've tried calling her so many times, but she changed her number.

Were either of you amongst the group of screaming girls awaiting the boys' exit from the house?

L: No. Never.
P: I wasn't screaming. I was only there to see if it was true!

Now Paige... There's been some... controversy about how you in particular treated the oldest Branson sister (like how you went about tagging her in multiple pictures know what). If you could say anything to her now, what would it be?

P: I hope she knows that I didn't know what was going on with her. I knew something wasn't right, but she didn't even hint anything. She should've at least told me that something was up but she couldn't explain... or something. But you know, she was over her ex, and he *was* free game. There's no law against it.

Any word on how Deacon McCullough feels about his ex-girlfriend dating Mr. Grayson?
P: I don't know.
L: He hasn't talked to us since Up, Up, & Away. He's dating some new girl now.

Well, it's pretty obvious that you two are terrible friends, but thanks for joining anyway.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Interview With Darby McMillon from Darby's Daily Dose of Drama (from American Girl on Saturn)

In American Girl On Saturn, Darby's name popped up quite a lot because Chloe loved to watch Darby's Daily Dose of Drama. We never actually got to meet Darby though. So today she joins me on my blog with some information about what's going on now with her life and the Saturn boys!

Hi! I've heard from different sources that you have been a Saturnite long before the SAS boys even had an album out for the world to hear. How did that happen?

Hi! Thank you for having me! I'm so excited. I'm usually on the opposite side of interviews, so this is really exciting for me! I actually discovered SAS via YouTube, before they made it big. They were self-promoting, trying to gain some momentum before their album, and I stumbled across them. Aside from their beautiful faces, these boys could definitely sing! I subscribed to their channel, and here we are today.

What drew you to this group in particular?

Honestly? No one knew who they were. I love discovering a new band/singer who the world doesn't know about yet, especially when they're super talented like SAS. It's sort of a special feeling, like they're just yours because no one else knows about them.

Now it's no secret that you are Tate Kingsley's biggest fan. But it is rumored that you actually got to meet the cute Canadian boy recently. How did that go over?

Oh gosh, yes, don't even get me started on Tate Kingsley! I was supposed to be meeting Chloe for lunch one day while she was in Cali (the guys were recording, so she flew in to see Milo). She reserved us a table in the back - super nice restaurant too! - and she showed up with SAS's head bodyguard, Tank, and then Milo and Tate walked in behind him, and OMGGGG I thought I was going to die. Do you hear me? DIE - like heart attack on the spot kind of death. The guys were super nice, though, and Tate is as adorable, sweet, and funny in person as I always thought he'd be. I just love him.

How do you feel about the Branson sisters being such a big part of the Saturn universe now? It's been floating around that you and Chloe are quite good friends on Twitter.

I really love the Branson sisters! All three of them! I do have contact with Chloe a lot via social media, e-mail, texting, etc. After the SAS lockdown ended, a lot of Saturnites were so awful to those girls, and I used my vlogger status to become an advocate for them. I think the SAS fans are finally accepting them, though, which is awesome because they're awesome people. I'm honored to call them my friends.

Which of your vlog posts have been your favorite to present over this whole Saturnite journey?

The early posts were the most fun because everyone depended on me to find the gossip! The guys weren't well-known, so I had to dig into the depths of the internet to find something to share. I once did a segment on Benji as a waiter (with pics included), and there was one segment where Noah dressed up as Frankenstein and roamed the streets in his hometown on Halloween day. Tate recorded it. Hilarious. Those videos went viral thanks to my channel (which I'm sure Noah doesn't like hahaha). Of the more recent vlog posts, I laughed hysterically over Jules's "cosmetic surgery." It's even funnier now that I know him! ;)

Have you gotten to see the boys perform live yet?

Not yet but I did receive a happy birthday phone call from one of the SAS boys... and by "birthday phone call", I mean yes, he sang to me... but that's MY little secret for now!

Who is your second favorite Saturn boy?

Oh, I hate to choose because I adore them all, but I'd have to say Milo. He's such a sweetheart. But I'm biased - I get all the inside scoop from Chloe, so I know how charming and romantic he is behind the scenes!

Last question, what rumors/secrets are floating around the Saturn atmosphere that you can tell your fellow Saturnites to be on the look out for?

Well, anyone who has followed the lockdown gossip knows that 2/5 of the SAS boys have found love. What Saturnites *don't* know is that 3/5 of SAS is currently taken! The guys also have a new album artist/merch designer (any guesses?), and rumor has it that the boys will be spending spring break in California! I'm so excited!

Well, thank you so very much for joining me today! If we ever need to clear up some rumors about what's going on on planet Saturn, you'll be the first person we come to!