Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 20. S is for Scorpions. RECKLESS: The Petrified Flesh

S is for Scorpions

If you find yourself in a Goyl prison, you should probably consider telling them what they want to hear. You, more than likely, won't make it out alive, but you don't want to make your stay in the cell any worse than it has to be. They will find ways to loosen your tongue. It's well known behind the mirror that the Goyl like to use scorpions on their human prisoners to get information from them.

To quote Hentzau -"There's not much they can do to our skin...but yours is so much softer."

So, hopefully you won't be foolish enough to end up in the underground prison, but if you are that foolish, you may have to endure the venom of scorpions.

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