Saturday, January 21, 2017

28 Days of Reckless is coming to my blog in February!

I've seen multiple people posting things like "50 reasons why I love *insert fandom name here*", and I thought I should do something like that for the first RECKLESS (Cornelia Funke) book. So, every day of February, I'll be posting something about RECKLESS: The Petrified Flesh on here. My mind, however, can't think of just random things I love about it. I probably could if I sat down and re-read it again. For some reason, when I'm trying to think of why I love something, I go blank. It's weird. Anyway, I thought I'd do an ABC kind of thing where I pick something in the first book that starts with the letter of the day and just fangirl over it a bit. If I haven't convinced you guys to read the RECKLESS series yet, maybe I can during the month of Feb.

Also, at the end of every post, I'll be posting the links to Cornelia's and Breathing Books websites in case you want to check it out. You should totally check it out. I will also be posting the buy links to Amazon for the first book as well.

I hope you guys will stick with me through the RECKLESS month. If I have as much fun with it as I anticipate, I may even do a month for each of the other two books as well!

Much love <3