Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 12. K is for King Kami'en. RECKLESS: the Petrified Flesh

K is for King Kami'en

If I hadn't taken such a liking to Hentzau in book one, King Kami'en would be my favorite in the MirrorWorld series. He's mentioned and seen a few times throughout the Petrified Flesh, but he really shined in The Golden Yarn. He is seriously the most charming character in the series in my opinion. He and the Dark Fairy are my OTP foreeeeever. I love them. He, like Jacob, makes some not so great decisions, and I want to smack him in the head really, really hard. I do think he had good intentions with his bad decisions, though he also had very selfish motives as well. 

He's just great. 

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