Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 6. Empress Therese of Austry. RECKLESS: the Petrified Flesh

E is for Empress

Therese of Austry is the Empress who is at war with the Goyl in The Petrified Flesh. She's cunning, smart, ambitious, and a damn good actress. All of that together is never a good mix to have in one person. She has an addiction to power, and she will do anything to keep that power. No matter the cost. 

I feel like she's a very complex character, and in many ways is more of a villain than any of the others we've seen in this series. I feel like she had good intentions, but we all know that some very terrible things have happened with good intentions. I'm very curious to see what her character will do in the last few books of the series.

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