Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 4. Castle of Thorns and Roses. RECKLESS: the Petrified Flesh

Castle of Thorns and Roses

There are so, so many unique and fascinating castles in the MirrorWorld. Some are inhabited by royalty and others are inhabited by the dead. If I lived behind the mirror, I think I'd really want to travel to every abandoned castle and mansion to see what they hid behind their walls. (I'd love to do that on THIS side of the mirror!) I'm sure many of the castles in the MirrorWorld hide dark secrets, but the Castle of Thorns and Roses hides a morbid secret unlike most. It holds the answer to the question "What if there wasn't a Happily Ever After?" I'm not a firm believer in happy endings, so I really liked visiting this castle and seeing the darkness that lurks in every corner behind the mirror.

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