Friday, June 28, 2013

Fangirl Friday: My favorite fictional surfer! (Miles Garrett)

Fangirl Friday is simply that. It's your chance to completely fangirl (or fanboy) over anything you want! It can be a book, a movie, a band, a song, music in general, a tv show, your favorite type of coffee, your favorite earrings, or silver glitter! Have fun. Be creative. Share the things that make you happy!

There are few things hotter than a Friday in June in Mississippi. Miles Garrett, from my sister Nikki Godwin’s book Chasing Forever Down (which is 99 cents for the month of June. So hurry up and get it!), is amongst those few things.

Miles is gritty and rough and real. He hangs around with the real deal surfers of Horn Island and is one of the West Coast Hooligans <3. He’s got more heart than all the surfers hanging around Crescent Cove and the majority of the guys in Horn Island. (Topher Brooks is a close rival, though!) Miles is an underdog who’s had to fight for everything in his life, and deep down, he really needs a hug (which I would gladly give him! All day, every day!).

If you’re on Miles’s good side, he’d do anything for you. Get on his bad side or try to surf in his territory and he’ll beat the hell out of you without a second thought. And trust me…he’d win.

He is my absolute most favorite character out of any book ever written! You NEED to go buy Chasing Forever Down, so you can see how amazing he is for yourself! (And if that isn't enough awesome surfer-ness for you, check out Nikki's blog today for an awesome video of her favorite *real life* surfer!)

Happy reading!

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