Monday, June 24, 2013

Writing What's In Your Heart

There are always people who aren't going to like what you write. They could just not like a certain character, the plot, or some dramatic twist you put in. Should that change how you write? No.

You can write the most perfect character ever created, and there’s going to be that random person who has something bad to say about him/her. There are some people who like reading contemporary better than fantasy or paranormal, and somehow, they’ll stumble across your fantasy or paranormal novel every time and have something bad to say about it because they didn't take the time to read the blurb. If I gave my sister, Nikki, a fantasy novel, she’d more than likely hate it. She has to rationalize everything (which is okay! She helps me find all kinds of messed up stuff in my books because of it), but fantasy novels aren't her thing, and paranormal isn't really so much either.

The most recent book I wrote has a very big twist in it. Some people will think it’s genius. Others will be highly upset by it. I am thankful for every person who buys and reads my books, but at the end of the day, I write for me. I write because there are characters who talk to me and tell me things that I think the world should know. I write because it makes me happy.

I don’t write to please every single person who may read my book. I don’t write to get traditionally published. I write for me and that one person who is going to love the twist in my book and love my characters.

The very best stories you will ever write are the ones that are in your heart. Those stories will torment you until you have them on your computer in a finished manuscript. Write for you and for those characters because someone somewhere will find them and love them.

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  1. I could reply to this in one word - Cricket.

    But like you, I write for me first. I could easily write my books in a more commercial way, with a more commercial love interest, but forced writing makes me not want to write period. Writing has always been "my thing," and if I compromise to please other people, then it's not mine anymore. There will always be someone who doesn't like your book or characters or love interest choice. There will always be people who think you should've written an epilogue LOL. I think, as long as you're satisfied w/your work, that's good enough. :)