Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mutilate My Heart Week - Meet Nightmare!

In honor of Mutilate My Heart Week at YA Confessional, my sister Nikki & I are hosting character bios on our blogs as well.

Mutilate My Heart, a YA paranormal Romance, is currently available on Amazon for Kindle! Other formats will be released soon. Head over to YA Confessional to meet the bassist of Mutilated Arteries, Sketch, then venture over to Nikki's blog for a bio with rhythm guitarist, Corpse.

Personally, I chose Nightmare because I have a soft spot for him and his brother Banshee, who was pissed off and refused to do a bio.

Character bio with Nightmare

Name: Nightmare

Birthday: March 21st

Favorite color: Navy blue

Favorite band: Bleeding Sirens

Favorite article of clothing: A Bleeding Sirens hoodie. It's been worn to death.

Favorite movie: Any of the Saw movies (Yeah, I know, Banshee. I stole your answer.)

Favorite city to tour: Fairview, NC

Favorite thing to do while not touring: Just hanging with the guys. They've been my family for far longer than anyone would ever know.

Favorite MA song to perform live: Urban Evil

Best tour memory: Lying on a rooftop watching the sunrise with a really cool girl.

Best part of being famous: Getting to live my dream. I've always wanted to perform music, and now I feel like I'll be doing it forever.

Worst part of being famous: We hardly have any time to rest. We sleep every chance we get, but that isn't often.

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