Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cover Reveal: AMERICAN GIRL ON SATURN by my sister Nikki (AND a snippet!)

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you already know my sister, Nikki. And there's also a chance that you've heard mention of a book called American Girl On Saturn, known on Twitter as #SAS (for Spaceships Around Saturn, if you're curious). This book will be is set for release on Thursday, August 29th, 2013, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS! You want this book. Trust me. You need to meet Spaceships Around Saturn, and you need to fall in love with Milo Grayson because this boy is hotttt! (If you scroll to the bottom, you get a special surprise...)

And, the purpose of this post... cover reveal!

American Girl On Saturn by Nikki Godwin
Release date: August 29th, 2013

The summer after graduation is supposed to be that first real taste of freedom - but not for eighteen-year-old Chloe Branson. Just as that breeze of freedom is making its way into her galaxy, her secret-service-agent dad drops a meteor-sized bomb of bad news on her and her sisters. An attempt has been made on the lives of Canadian boyband, Spaceships Around Saturn, during their USA tour, and the guys have to go into hiding ASAP. The only problem? In the midst of the crisis and media frenzy, their dad volunteered to hide the their house.

Six-year-old Emery is as ecstatic as any self-proclaimed Saturnite would be, but Chloe and her seventeen-year-old sister Aralie watch their summer plans crash and burn like a falling star. The SAS guys aren't happy with the situation, either. Bad boy Jules picks fights with Aralie about everything from his Twitter followers to his laundry, and heart-throb Benji can't escape Emery's fangirlisms for more than three minutes.

But after the super-cute Milo kisses Chloe during a game of hide-and-seek, she finally understands what Emery means when she talks about SAS being "out of this world." If this is what Saturn feels like, Chloe doesn't want to come back to earth.

And because Nikki is my sister, my cover reveal has something that no one else's will... a small snippet from American Girl On Saturn!

He reaches toward the tray and grabs the lone Oreo. “Okay, this is my last one for the night,” he says. “Half it with me?”
Seriously? If I wasn’t the envy of every Saturnite in the world just by sitting across the table from him, I’m definitely the envy of them now because the Milo Grayson wants to half his precious Oreo with me. And the thing that sucks the most is that no one knows about it to be jealous of me!
He holds the cookie up and waits for a response.
“Yeah, we can half it,” I say.
I reach across the table for it, but he jerks his arm back. The sleeve of his T-shirt hugs his bicep tightly, and oh how I wish to be that fabric.
“Not so fast,” he says. “Let’s make it interesting.”
Could this be any more interesting? Hello – you’re gorgeous and famous and sharing cookies with me! Any more ‘interest’ and I might burst like a firework.
“If you get the side with the cream, I’ll give you my honest male opinion about your checkout line drama today,” he says. “But if I get the cream side, you have to tell me, honestly, who you think the best looking guy is in Spaceships Around Saturn.”
Oh God. He’s for real. Does he know? He totally knows. He knows I’m lusting for him from behind this glass of milk and tattoo magazine. He knows that his eyes make me melt and that I clearly watch him on Twitter because I know all about amazzzzzing. Now he wants to make me ‘fess up.
“Deal.” I say it before I can chicken out.

You read it here first! Go hit up Nikki's blog, Twitter, and Facebook page for more updates and teasers from now until release date. And add this book as "to read" on Goodreads!


  1. I'd take that deal too. lol Can't wait to read this.

  2. Thanks Michelle & Dani! :)

    And thank you, Emily, for posting the teaser!