Friday, June 21, 2013

Fangirl Friday: Nightmare, from MUTILATE MY HEART

Fangirl Friday is simply that. It's your chance to completely fangirl (or fanboy) over anything you want! It can be a book, a movie, a band, a song, music in general, a tv show, your favorite type of coffee, your favorite earrings, or silver glitter! Have fun. Be creative. Share the things that make you happy! 

Every writer has been a fangirl/fanboy for one of their own characters. I am no exception. I was going to write all about this character of mine named Elijah. He’s this amazing fifteen-year-old violinist who happens to be a ghost, but I’ve been #TeamNightmare all day. It’s only fitting to right about him since my second book, Mutilate My Heart (that Nightmare’s in), comes out on July 9th!

Nightmare is the lead singer of punk-rock band Mutilated Arteries. He’s the oldest and most mature of the five guys. He often pisses people off because he has rules, and he expects his rules to be followed. He only makes exceptions for his brother Banshee. Nightmare truly thinks he’s doing what’s best for everyone when he tries to enforce the rules in his ‘Mutilated Arteries Handbook.’ He hides his own dark secrets and wants to make sure that no one else ends up hurt like he did. He really is a good guy. It’s his brother you need to watch out for. ;-) I can't wait for you guys to get to know him better in the sequel AND prequel!

I’ll save Elijah for another week! Who knows, you may get a short cameo from him in Mutilate My Heart! <3


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  2. I love this book! And Nightmare is great...but I have insider info! ;) And I'm still #TeamInk... hahaha!