Friday, July 26, 2013

Update: Mutilated Series, Formatting, and Saturn-ish Stuff

I haven't popped in here for a while, so I thought I'd swing by and wish you guys a great weekend and tell you what's up with me!

1) I was featured in the Happy Ever After section of USA Today regarding the release of my YA paranormal romance, Mutilate My Heart. You can read the article here. Super special thank you to ST Bende, who made me aware of this opportunity.

2) My sister is in the process of formatting MMH for paperbacks, and then she's moving on to Nook Press and outer e-book retailers so you non-Kindle users can get a hold of MMH as well as BTWD. Just bear with us a bit longer. If you don't want to wait for other e-formats, send me an e-mail (emilygodwin17 at gmail dot com), and I can get the file to you sooner!

3) Nikki has driven me crazy with One Direction's new single "Best Song Ever." She's obsessed. But it's okay because I really love the song (and 1D) too. #TeamZayn&Louis

4) I've started plotting MMH's sequel, which is being called Mutilated Time (for now and possibly for good). Nikki gave me a release date of February 1st, 2014 "at the latest", but she said it's not set in stone. But it's definitely in the works! :)

5) And speaking of Nikki and boybands... American Girl On Saturn is out next month! I'm so excited for it because I adore this book, and I adore the boyband Spaceships Around Saturn, and Milo is hottttt! If you want a sneak peek of this awesome book, go buy mine... and once you finish it, you'll find something awesome at the back of the book! ;)

Have a great weekend!!

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