Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Monday: "When We Were Young" by The Summer Set

Music Monday is a weekly feature where I highlight a song that has influenced me through writing, through life events, or just because it’s made my day a little better! This week, I’ll be highlighting…

Song title: “We Were Young”
Artist: The Summer Set

Featured novel/novella: Sunset At Dawn

The story behind this song: The first time I heard this song, I was driving to my dad’s house and had just gotten The Summer Set’s album Everything’s Fine. It randomly shuffled to track number 2 and the very first chord sucked me in. The Summer Set is one of those bands that just makes you feel free and adventurous and happy. The music in the song makes you want to roll down your windows and fly down the highway without a single care in the world. The lyrics are about looking back on a time when you were young and with that special someone and being in love and happy, but then reality sets in and people sometimes grow apart and hardly see each other or speak again.

This song inspired so much in my prequel to Mutilate My Heart, and the prequel (Sunset At Dawn) would only be half plotted without this song. It’s an amazing song, and the band is absolutely incredible. So, you should go look them up! =D

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