Monday, May 20, 2013

Music Monday: "Diamond Lights" by Rookie of the Year

Music Monday is a weekly feature where I highlight a song that has influenced me through writing, through life events, or just because it’s made my day a little better! This week, I’ll be highlighting…

Song title: “Diamond Lights”
 Artist: Rookie of the Year

Featured novel: Behind the Wooden Door

The story behind this song: One day my sister, Nikki, called me (even though I live right across the hallway) and told me that I had to listen to this song. I believe her exact words were, "Emily, you have to listen to ‘Diamond Lights’ on Rookie’s Along For The Ride album. It’s the perfect song for Lanie and Tristan." She was, of course, right. She usually is always right when it comes to music.

I turned on my laptop right after I hung up the phone and listened to it. I don’t think anyone other than Ryan Dunson could have made that song as beautiful as it is. When I heard it, I could literally see parts of my book playing out (parts I hadn’t even written yet!) like a movie. I just sat there in awe of the words and the music and Ryan’s voice.

The sequel to Behind the Wooden Door is actually titled after this song. No other song (with words) could fit them the way this one does. It’s forever going to be linked to Lanie and Tristan in my mind (and probably Nik’s too) but that’s okay.

Anyone who hasn’t listened to Rookie of the Year, you seriously need to! This song’s always a good one to start with! =D

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