Saturday, December 28, 2013

Haley Sullivan from CHASING FOREVER DOWN

Haley Sullivan is the main character in Chasing Forever Down. Her parents have planned her future for her, but their idea for her forever and her idea of it are very different. They want her to be successful in the soul-sucking corporate world. Haley's idea of forever is re-opening her grandmother's driftwood frame shop. Being on her parents' ticket means that she has to do what they want.

Her story begins at a corporate party where all the successful CEO type people get together to brag about their lives, but one guy stands out. He helps her escape the party and they talk about their forevers after seeing an awesome cover band, but the mystery guy disappears the next day. After a lot of research, Haley discovers this guy is supposed to be dead. she knows better though and sets out on a mission with her BFF Linzi to find him because he knows the secrets of how to chase forever down, and only he can teach her the way, but she finds so much more than what she expected. She finds her very best friend, the magical beach town Crescent Cove, and what might possibly be love.

You guys don't want to miss her journey as she searches for the 'undead' forever chaser. You'll be sucked into her story  so quickly, and you won't want it to end! So make sure you get a copy! :) Haley's waiting.

After seventeen-year-old Haley Sullivan meets a mysterious stranger who plays by his own rules, she's more than determined to learn every trick of the trade from the master himself. But her dream-chasing mentor disappears after that night, and according to the local newspapers, he's been dead for years. Knowing he's very much alive, Haley enlists best friend Linzi to join her on a scavenger-hunt-style road trip that ultimately lands them in the surf town of Crescent Cove, California. Mystery guy is no mystery here, though – he's Colby Taylor, the west coast's biggest professional surfer.

If Haley wants to talk to the wave rider again, she'll have to get past his four intimidating "bodyguards" who are highly skilled in the business of sending starstruck fangirls back to where they belong. Haley is up for the challenge if it means chasing her dreams and escaping the perfectly corporate future that's been planned for her. But dealing with these bodyguards isn't exactly what Haley imagined it'd be. Sure, being thrown off a jet ski sucks, but falling in love with one of them might just be worse.

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