Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five (and a Freebie!)

I've seen other authors do Friday Five before, so I'm putting my own twist on it today. Why today? Because my book is FREE for the next 48 hours on Amazon! If you have a Kindle, or any of the many Kindle apps, get over there and download it now!

In honor of this freebie, I'm sharing five unknown facts about BTWD.

1) Tristan and Hawk met after engaging in a bar fight against each other. Cormac was helping Tristan recruit men for their army. After seeing Hawk's skills, Cormac recruited him (to Tristan's great dislike at first). In the end, apparently they overcame their differences as they're best friends (more like brothers) in my novel.

2) Hawk trained Tommy (Tristan's younger brother) and taught him how to fight for a battle/war. Tristan refused to train him.

3) Scarlett Dyn, who has a minor one-scene role in BTWD, was secretly engaged to Prince Artair before the war. She ended the relationship after the war began. This may eventually become a BTWD companion novel. Who knows.

4) A certain ship in the epilogue is named The Emerald Death.

5) And most importantly, dragons really do cause the sunsets!

If you want to get to know these characters better, or make sense of these facts, I suggest picking up my book... right now... for free! The link is above! :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I <3 these facts. It makes me want to download your book... again haha!