Monday, December 8, 2014

LGBT Books vs. Slash FanFiction

As the sister of an author who writes LGBT books, I feel the need to write this post. It really bothers me when people are 100% against reading an LGBT book but will read slash fanfiction of their favorite male characters banging the heck out of each other. If you're against LGBT in real life and against LGBT in fiction no matter the type of fiction, this post does not include you in what I am saying.

 You are entitled to have an opinion, but please don't be a hypocrite about it. I once heard a girl say 'Oh no, it is totally wrong for guys to make out and be in love...unless they're hot. Then that's okay.' So, ugly LGBT people aren't allowed to find love? That's how her statement sounded to me when I heard it.

Let me state that I get the thing with slash fanfiction. You already know these characters and love them, so it's easier for you to jump in and love them in a fanfic. The thing is, you could easily love new characters in new books who have an actual shot of falling in love. What I absolutely do not understand is how the same people who will go read Edward/Jacob fanfic with them doing all kinds of sexual things to each other will curl their noses when it comes to an LGBT book that is not a fanfic. Girls all around the world ship Larry Stylinson and will get on Wattpad and read every fic about Louis and Harry they can find, but they refuse to read an LGBT book because 'it has people of the same sex kissing.' OMG. Uhm, I'm not sure when I missed the announcement where Harry or Louis told the fans that he was a girl. If you happened to see it, please leave the link in the comments section below.

I fall in love with new characters all the time. I ship characters like you wouldn't believe. I am the reason Darby McMillon's (Kids In Love) sister has a boyfriend because I shipped 'Maxel' like you wouldn't believe. BUT, the first Nikki Godwin characters I shipped were Micah and Ridge. Micah Youngblood (Falling From the Sky) was her first love interest ever (and OMG at the love). I would like to say now that there is no sex in FFTS, and it is a very clean LGBT book. So, if you're looking for steamy sex scenes between two guys, this is not the book for you. If you are looking for a good book with well-developed characters and a good love story, this is most definitely the book for you.

The point of this whole post is basically this – Don't be a hypocrite. Like I said above: If you're against LGBT in real life and against LGBT in fiction no matter the type of fiction, this post does not include you in what I am saying.

To everyone else: Be open to read LGBT books if you enjoy slash fiction of your favorite characters in other books. Don't be the girl who says "It's okay only if they're hot." Please, PLEASE don't be that girl (or guy.)


If you're not sure how you feel about reading an LGBT book, then Falling From the Sky is a good book to find out with. It doesn't throw the LGBT thing in your face. The relationship slowly grows throughout the book and warms you up to the idea of these two boys being together.

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