Sunday, March 17, 2013

Intro Post

I've put off this blogging thing for a while because it's hard to think of things to say. But my sister insisted that I needed one, and she reasoned that because today is Saint Patrick's Day and my favorite color is green, I needed to introduce myself. So here I am.

My name is Emily. I write. I sew. I paint. Overall, I'm just an artist of many trades. I make my own line of handsewn non-magical voodoo dolls (they aren't voodoo dolls, FYI, just sort of look like them).

My debut novel, Behind The Wooden Door, is available for Kindle (and its apps) on Amazon. My current project is a YA paranormal romance titled Mutilate My Heart.

Some of my favorite things are, in no special order: the color emerald green, chocolate, Sirius Black, shooting stars, dragons, Justin Bieber, anything Slytherin, the beach, ghosts, pink gerber daisies, zombies, puzzles, the smell of hot glue, butterflies, and Miles Garrett from my sister's novel Chasing Forever Down.

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